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1 Peter 1:1-2 "Elect Exiles" CG Application Questions

By Loren Anderson in The Fellowship at Bend 8 months ago | 154 views Link:

This week should provide for some great discussion in your community groups and around the table.  As we approach this subject we may have strong opinions on it, but we do not need to be divisive about it.  May God continue to grow us as we study His word together

1. We looked at the Term Elect Exile.  What does that term Exile mean?  Because we are exiles how should we relate to this world?  How will this world relate to us?  Where do we see the truth of exile in our lives and in the world around us? 

2. What does Election mean?  How does Election show us God’s love?

3. Concerning foreknowledge, do you think that God chose you individually to be saved before he created the world? Do you think he did it on the basis of the fact that he knew you would believe in Christ, or was it “unconditional election,” not based on anything that he foresaw in you that made you worthy of his love? No matter how you answered the previous question, explain how your answer makes you feel when you think about yourself in relationship to God.

4. Does the doctrine of election give you any comfort or assurance about your future?

5. Does God only elect good people?

6. After thinking through this do you honestly feel that you would like to give thanks or praise to God for choosing you to be saved? Do you sense any unfairness in the fact that God did not decide to save everyone?

7. If you agree with the doctrine of election as presented in this chapter, does it diminish your sense of individual personhood or make you feel somewhat like a robot or a puppet in God’s hands? Do you think it should make you feel this way?

8. What effect do you think this chapter will have on your motivation for evangelism? Is this a positive or negative effect? Can you think of ways in which the doctrine of election can be used as a positive encouragement to evangelism (see 1 Thess. 1:4–5; 2 Tim. 2:10)?

9. No matter your position on “foreknowledge” can you think of some positive benefits in the Christian life that those who hold the opposite position from yours seem more frequently to experience than you do? Even though you do not agree with the other position, can you list some helpful concerns or practical truths about the Christian life that you might learn from that position?


Pray for Bukina!  Pray that this will advance the gospel.  Pray Gods care around the families.  Pray for the pastors and missionaries still there.

*some questions were taken from Wayne Grudems Systematic theology

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